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Homestead and Parkview Services Partner to Provide Homes for Persons with Disabilities

Updated: Jun 24, 2022

Parkview Services is proud to partner with Homestead Community Land Trust to include two 4-bedroom congregate living spaces for Adults with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities (IDDs) at The Southard. These homes make this homeownership project a unique neurodiverse housing community.

Affordable housing for low-income adults with Developmental Disabilities that is in critically low supply across the Puget Sound region. Residents at The Southard will create community with 8 unique individuals who will contribute to the overall quality of life and community of this neighborhood.

At Parkview Services, we are constantly striving to produce unique and stable housing solutions for adults with Developmental Disabilities. The Southard is just one of 4 projects we have currently in development in the Puget Sound area. With reliable partners such as Homestead Community Land Trust, we are pushing forward to create inclusive and respectful communities such as The Southard.

To see a glimpse into a Parkview Resident, we love to share the story of Joel Romeo. Joel has Autism, cannot hear and is partially mute. Joel was facing eviction from his Ballard apartment where he had lived for over two decades. Parkview, along with partners in our community, stepped up to create a permanent home for Joel in the garage of one of our properties in the neighborhood. We heard from Ballard residents, who spoke loudly when word of Joel’s eviction spread. They told us that Joel was a valuable and important member of their community and that he deserved a home there. We were proud to provide Joel with that forever home.

Together with Homestead Community Land Trust, we envision many folks like Joel living at The Southard. We anticipate the bonds that are built between Homestead owners and the Parkview Services Affordable Housing Residents to be beneficial for everyone. Inclusion of people with disabilities in our communities creates stronger communities, a more compassionate society, and empowerment for people with Developmental Disabilities.

For more information about Parkview Services and our programs that serve adults with IDDs, please visit our website at

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