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Construction Updates On-Site at The Southard

Construction on The Southard site continues amid weather delays. (Photo/Homestead CLT)

Homestead is excited to announce that construction at The Southard development is nearing completion.

With the utility systems installed on the property, Homestead Director of Real Estate Development Eric Pravitz reports on the latest progress at our Tukwila project: 

“This was a challenging site given that it was a previously undeveloped site and initial work was focused on installing utilities. Now the work has shifted to finishing off the interior of the homes, drywall, painting, cabinets and flooring. There is also landscaping work and completion of the solar panel installation ongoing.”

The Southard is the largest affordable homeownership development of its kind in Tukwila, with a total of 18 homes.

“When it’s done, we hope that we will have demonstrated that you can build higher density, high quality, affordable and attractive housing that is an asset to the community,”said Pravitz.

11 of the 18 homes will be set aside for income-qualified families who meet the eligibility requirements for Homestead’s homeownership program. Of the remaining homes, two will be set aside for adults with disabilities, developed in partnership with Parkview Services, and five will be sold at market-rate.

“These homes, clustered around a common green area will create a very traditional neighborhood feel,” said Pravitz. “The systems used, including generating power with rooftop solar, will demonstrate the advantages of highly energy efficient homes in creating a comfortable living environment while keeping utility costs lower.”

The two-story, cottage-style duplex homes built in this neighborhood will be unique in their ability to achieve net-zero energy. The green building standards utilized in the construction of these homes will also mitigate climate impacts. 

Homestead staff on tour at The Southard site with Vince Wang (pictured on the right). Wang is an Assistant Professor in the College of Built Environments at the UW Runstad Department of Real Estate. (Photo/Homestead CLT)

Due to weather delays, the completion of the project has been pushed to early 2024. The application process will be announced to all those who have signed up to be notified, and to anyone on our waiting list. We thank you for your continued patience at this time. 

In the meantime, we encourage all prospective homebuyers interested in purchasing a permanently affordable home at The Southard to determine your initial eligibility by visiting our website here and filling out the pre-application eligibility form

To learn how to prepare for The Southard application process, stay tuned and follow us on our socials where we’ll announce our upcoming info sessions for prospective homebuyers interested in The Southard. 


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