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Party Bus Tour brings Community Leaders to Visit The Southard

Updated: Feb 21

City leaders gather outside their last stop on the bus tour, The Southard, to hear more about this development from Homestead Director of Real Estate Development Eric Pravitz.

Earlier this month, Homestead hosted a party bus tour in conjunction with partners at Lake Forest Park and North Urban Human Services Alliances (NUHSA). The tour included local leaders from cities, such as Shoreline, Kenmore, and Bothell, who possessed interest in learning how to develop more affordable homeownership opportunities in their own communities.

The attendees, which also included donors and stakeholders of Homestead Community Land Trust, visited various Homestead developments, both completed and projected, such as the Village Gardens development in the Central District and the recently announced future affordable homeownership development with Admiral Church. The tour ended with lunch at Homestead’s latest development of 18 homes under construction, The Southard.

The Southard under construction as pictured on September 18, 2023.

Named after green policy leader Patti Southard, this development is the second of Homestead’s highly energy efficient demonstration projects designed to reduce utility costs and environmental impacts. Attendees were impressed to see the progress on this development and learn more about Homestead's selection process for The Southard, with applications set to open in early 2024.

To learn more about the Party Bus Tour, check out this article featured in the Shoreline Area news.

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