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Construction Begins at The Southard

Updated: Jun 24, 2022

Groundbreaking Kicks Off Construction of

First Multi-Unit Permanently Affordable For-Sale Homes in Tukwila

• Named in honor of Patti Southard, a champion of green building

• 18 homes of which 11 will be affordable to purchase by lower income households

• The Southard is a demonstration project of cottage-style duplex homes built to achieve a net zero energy standard

• The Southard will include two homes for eight adults with intellectual or developmental disabilities.

Homestead Community Land Trust (Homestead) has kicked off construction of The Southard, the first multi-unit affordable homeownership project in Tukwila, with homes affordable to lower income families that are designed to use no more energy than they generate over the course of a year.

Named in honor of the late Patti Southard, a green-building activist, the homes will be constructed with materials and systems that reduce climate and environmental impacts while at the same time reducing utilities bills. Built in the Cascade View neighborhood of Tukwila, the development’s three- and four-bedroom duplex cottage homes will achieve net zero energy usage through highly energy-efficient systems and the use of solar panels for onsite energy generation.

“Patti Southard’s legacy shows that we can address both our housing crisis and harmful greenhouse gas emissions hurting our communities at the same time,” said Washington State Governor Jay Inslee. “Trudi and I are so thankful for the time we had with Patti, and it is an honor for us to be able to celebrate her enduring work at today’s groundbreaking of The Southard.”

Homestead is committed to achieving these two goals in its new construction: achieving stability, equity and opportunity for the people of King County through affordable homeownership while achieving high environmental standards.

“As we build to address the critically limited supply of missing-middle homeownership and to close racial and ethnic inequities in ownership, we also seek to address climate equity,” said Kathleen Hosfeld, Executive Director, Homestead. “Homestead has led and will continue to lead with investments in green affordable homeownership that address inequities that unduly burden lower-income communities.”

Eleven of the 18 homes at The Southard will be affordable to lower income households as determined by U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development for the King County area. The homes will be priced between $305,000 and $315,000. Through one-time investments that subsidize the initial price of the homes, Homestead will keep homes at The Southard affordable to all subsequent income-qualified buyers permanently.

“King County is committed to supporting affordable housing developments like The Southard, with anti-displacement strategies in place, that meet green standards and help residents contribute to climate resilience, and live affordably and stably,” said King County Executive Dow Constantine. “Patti Southard led green building projects for years at King County, and fully realized the Green Tools program that provides the resources, information, and tools necessary for sustainable building. With her legacy in mind, we will continue forward in building a restorative and regenerative community through housing projects that are more efficient, connected to transit, and reduce greenhouse gas emissions."

Homes at The Southard will be built under terms of a development agreement that balances the benefits of building more homes per acre with maintaining high standards for livability.

“We all know that affordable homeownership is a critical need in the Puget Sound region, and here in Tukwila that is no different. We are thrilled that Homestead’s newest project will provide homeownership opportunities for middle income individuals and families here. This allows our educators, salespersons, nurses and others the ability to own homes closer to work and allows for families to access generational wealth opportunities that homeownership can bring. We are proud of the work Homestead is doing and grateful to be a partner in their efforts,” said Tukwila Mayor Allan Ekberg.

Homestead's investment in the environmental features of The Southard was recognized by De'Sean Quinn, Tukwila City Council Member as a matter of climate equity. For "frontline communities like Tukwila that often experience the earliest and most acute impacts of climate change, and that face historic and current inequities, and have limited resources or capacity to respond, climate equity means that they are provided the greatest access to opportunities that climate solutions provide."

In addition to the subsidized affordable homes, The Southard will include five market-rate homes, and two homes for adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities. Affordable housing for low-income adults with disabilities is in critically low supply across the Puget Sound region. Residents at The Southard will create community with eight unique individuals who will contribute to the overall quality of life and community of this neighborhood.

“This project demonstrates what working together can accomplish: truly inclusive affordable housing that honors our children’s future,” said Marc Cote, Executive Director of Parkview Services. We are grateful to work with Homestead Community Land Trust on this important project that creates equitable housing and community for low-income people with intellectual and developmental disabilities.”

A community garden for residents will be developed at The Southard, and landscaping will include edible plants and fruit trees. Homestead is also working to re-establish a community garden at Riverton Park United Methodist Church that was displaced by the development. The church is the location for the Tukwila Pantry, a food bank that has fed the hungry for over two decades.

Donations toward an onsite memorial of Patti Southard, the community gardens and Homestead’s green housing development can be made at:

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